Remember Remember...

cant do that night PPG, still way to sore!!

WOW!! what a great night i havn’t OOh’d and Arr’d like that for years !!!

Mark you make great pipes BUT an even better Chile well done that man !

Thanks again,

Nice to meet up with KTM Martin lets get the green lane item we talked about sorted??


Cheers dude - good to see you too :wink: glad you managed to meet Cobby too - maybe Mark and I will come with you on an excursion some day :wink: We whiled away the hours playing Eyetoy Fireworks - was very amusing and I think Ian was really suprised to see beer in the house pmsl :wink:

I’ll have a word with the organisers and ask for fewer fireworks next time (or more hot sausage rolls) :stuck_out_tongue: It was like an Ariston advert :w00t: