Remember Remember...

I knew Id find something good about Stevenage…Every year they spend an absolute BOMB on fireworks! (pun intended)… There’s a fairground and snack places and its held at the side of the river lake…

Last year we had a good group of about 15 of us who trekked over there. It’s accessible from my house and we have plenty of bike (and car/van) parking… Plus Im a dab hand at jacket potatos and various party entertainments :wink:

It’s a Wednesday this year. Would anyone like to come?

yah! i’m up for it, if im healed from my OP,:smiley:

Id certainly be up for this PPG :smiley:

depending on work could be up for this :slight_smile:

River? More like a stream!Are you referring to Fairlands Lakes? If so, it’s been emptied of water! Or did the Pikeys steal it?

Count me in, just need time and location

count me in dude.

dont forget the sausages.

beef if you dont mind :wink:


I am gonna let some off in me garden much more dangerous errrm fun

Yes mate - they empty the lakes every year (they are man-made anyway) to clean them up and my contact at the council assures me that they will contain water in time for this event ;)Sorry to anyone offended by the use of the word “River” instead of “Lake”… I must have been having an off day :)Kiddies would be welcome too, guys, if you needed to bring em :slight_smile: x Im gonna get some sparklers in…

i do love a good firework party!! multiple display…:D:w00t:

Howz about we all crash yours after, then?! :slight_smile:

still up for this? :slight_smile:

Lyssa and myself are on for this.

Last time I went my daughter was in a push chair , and this weekend she introduced me to her long term boyfriend!!! god where does the time go ??

Can you pm me your address and a departure time? Please


Yes still up for this, please can you PM meeting address and departure time.


Fireworks!!! Yay!!! i love them.

I would so love to come, but i actually have a date that night (first one in ages!!!).

think i will still be bikeless…and stitches come out on the 3rd…i hope!!!:w00t:

we see!

Hmmm… I think myself and the better half may well come along to this to watch the festivities. Just need to shuffle a few things round.

I’d be up for this. Catch you at lunch on Tues.

If you can fit on the back, Ill pick you up and bring you back into London in the morning? We can chat to discuss :wink:

Will PM those of you that want to come with my address and mobile, plus time.

Thanks also to those showing interest that cant come - next time! xEDIT: WARNING - I HAVE TWO CATS!

did you decide on this? if so - do you wanna be at my work for 5:30? can ride up together? :smiley: