Just in case you had forgotten

I’ve got my kids for the weekend… first thing my little girl said this morning was Happy Fathers’ Day :slight_smile:

I’ve forgotten where my father is…so that’s me off of the hook!! :wink:

I was planning to be in newcastle all day today so would’ve picked him up something. ah I buy gifts at odd other times so he won’t mind

ain’t got one so not bothered!

I did mention it this morning!:stuck_out_tongue:

hes up there watching…he know i aint forgotten…and never will.

happy fathers day dad, RIP.

At least you know where your’s is. Man does my dad owe me some pocket money!:wink:

I got my dad two classic blues CDs and paula got me the 3CD Dads rock rock anthems CD :). My ex forgot so I never recieved a call from my 5year old, and shes a nursery nurse so has been making fathers day cards all week. :angry:

After putting up the post, I forgot to actually call my dad until 6pm. I’d like to think we are even as he forgot my birthday last year, but he has had his free bus pass for quite a few years now so perhaps I should remember things more easily! Feeling v guilty and will need to get him a good pressie before I see him tomorrow!