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Hornet been sitting for 2 years started and cutting out when warm ,not running smooth possibly only running on 3 cylinders changed spark plugs messed around with idle screw and struggling to start now ………needs a check over any recommendations watford,Edgware ,boring wood way……is scorch still about have van can drop bike anywhere.
Old model 1999 naked has carbs

Prime suspects will be fuel and spark. I’m hearing it runs fine on choke and off choke one cylinder fails to fire. With just one cylinder not playing I’d suspect the carburettors (gummed up carb, blocked or restricted jets, seized or sticky float) but could also be a restriction or block in the fuel line, blocked fuel tank air vent, clogged air filter etc.

Strip and clean the carburettors.

You has a PM

Yep I agree it’s carb/air/fuel problem not something I have played around with a lot and no space to work on it hence looking your pm might try it in week.

my other half owns a garage in Cheam if interested. can recommend.

Thanks opposite side of London for me……just checking if the ulez place in Stevenage does servicing as it needs ulez test aswell ,anyone had experience with them…

I use reads motorcycles in london colney, well priced and reliable, good work.

I don’t know if they bother with servicing. But a friend of mine took his old Harley wide glide to them earlier this week and was very impressed. He reckoned they have years of experience of dialing in race bikes and dynojetting. I think he said it was an exracer called Mr Smith that runs the show. Give them a ring. They seem to be straight up with no bullshit according to my friend. They seem to have a range of things they can do . PlanA, B,C etc. For example after checking his bike out they did a decoke by running hydrogen through it before they did anything else. something I had never heard of before.

Thanks for replies the ulez place in stevenage has workshop aswell and carbs is there thing so whacking it in there …should be sorted and ulez compliant this week.

Out of interest you’ll have to update us on the cost and what was done to make it ULEZ complaint.

Talking of ULEZ, I looked at getting making my 1993 Triumph Trident 900 compliant.
After a fair bit of investigation I found this place in Bow, East London.

Very helpful and informative, he said they’d done quite few Tridents but it was quite difficult to get them to pass the test, but it could be done. Cost would be about £600 though…

I haven’t done it yet.

As I understand emissions the NOx level can be lowered by means of a catalytic converter, if this is how these workshops do it what, if any, effect does that have on performance?

That’s correct, that’s what they were going to do. Yes I’d be interested too…

From what I understand most off the bikes pass ulez the problem is manufacturers was not measuring nox readings before 2002 so no figures available at all,seems like just a test to get a reading it’s £175 at Stevenage dropping mine this week he keeping it for a few days estimate £500 for carb work and ulez pass

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Forgot to mention before. But you may have a better chance of passing if you have a tank full of E5 rather than E10. Though, I don’t understand why.

I’ve not heard that and I honestly don’t see how it could possibly help. The only difference between the two is one is 5% Ethanol the other 10%. If it’s a marginal fail would it help?

Most bikes after 2007 have the NOX results on the V5 I believe and this is on the DVLC database. The real rip off is that testing a bike that’s pre that date MAY pass but that pass doesn’t then apply to all the others manufactured of that model and version, only to that individual bike.

The science behind that is that E10 petrol has lower calorific value than E5 which means that your engine will suck more of it in to achieve the same output.

edit: yes it’s marginal

When i spoke to them about getting the DRZ done, they had loads of advice based on the wealth of knowledge from the bikes they’ve tested, but its not cheap.
i cant remember prices exactly, but its enough that im not likely to do it.
£175 is for the test, and if the bike passes then thats all it costs. they can tell you if others of the same model passed without work.
They recommended i have my carb set up on a dyno before anything else (it has different carb, airbox and exhaust), but that alone was about £200.
Failing that, they put a catalysit in, iirc that was a couple of hundred plus labour and test fees.

I won’t be bothering with the DRZ. It’s too old.
Have had thoughts of converting it to electric though :slight_smile: