Reevu Helmets - Rear View Helmets

Hi, I’m usually quite up on cool biker products so was surprised that I had never come across this brand. Anybody here heard of it?

I’ve picked up one of the helmets today and I’m hoping the rear view gizmo will allow me not to bother with mirrors on my bike…fingers crossed!!!

I’ve heard a lot about them. I’ve yet to be convinced they add a huge benefit to every day riding but I’d be keen to get a ‘real’ review which is more prolonged than just using it for a couple of days like the industry sponsored ones.

@SheWoolf - Reevu helmets are SO last year.

I’ve heard a lot of people say “I’d really like to try one of those” and nobody who actually has. I look forward to your views on it.

I tried one out when they did a bicycle one, it was more distracting than particularly useful but I didn’t have it for long enough to have got properly used to the idea.

I’ve heard it can induce motion sickness because of the movement in your peripheral vision

I’d love to see how you get on with that…

Although for me I think it would add to much of a distraction

I tried one on at the NEC last year.
I found it disturbing and seemed to keep looking at the rear view. But like a fly to bright light.
Decided it was not for me.

So far I’ve used it for a weekend trip to the Cotswolds. The weather was mainly awful so I’ll use it a bit longer before the review. What I do know is that while it may be a nice “additional” view, it’s not a substitute for mirrors! So mirror shopping for the MV for me :slight_smile: