REEVU helmets - faded into irrelevance?

i’ve had a look and there seems to be nothing recent about these.

i’m looking to get a new lid, so was curious if anyone has one of these or at least tried it?

Tried it at the MCN, didn’t like it. Decided I’d be focussing on it all the time instead of on the road ahead, also couldn’t really see all that much through it in a quick glance (although that might be something you get used to in time). So decided against.

hmmm, i think that if it does work the biggest inconvenience is that you don’t have a sun visor, which seems a pretty essential piece of kit, to be able to jost pop it down whenever, glasses inside helmet are a pain, and you have to stop.

I too tried one at the Excel show this year and I would have considered buying it if I didn’t do most of my riding with a pillion on the back, and her head and helmet aren’t transparent, unfortunately.

The impression I got was it was useful but would take some getting used to, especially having your rear view rotating in the opposite direction to your head.

a gimmick, proper **** lids, i tried one on,was heavy, with shite padding, and no i couldnt see anything behind me at all.

i kinda expected to hear that, shame

I have a Reevu cycle helmet, works a treat. Wouldn’t trust one on a motorbike though.

Classic example of overengineering… I don’t even have mirrors on my KTM! :smiley: