Red Rubber Grease

My brakes have locked up again, thinking this is because all the sh!te is getting into the pistons again… I have been trying to get some red rubber grease but cannot find it for love nor money…

so does anyone have a bit I could have, literally only need enough to do 2 pistons on the front caliper…

whereabouts are you, mate ?
I’ve got a nearly full 500gm tub and you’re welcome to a splat of it…

push bike shops do it… and can get it online wemoto etc etc

I’m clerkenwell london for work, sydenham for home…

I don’t mind coming to you though.

nice one there is an evans cycle down the road will take a walk down there now…

Hah… typical ! I was in Farringdon friday night with a load of workmates (we used to have an office in Farringdon, but now we work out in the wilds of Bucks)

And I live in Slough…

If you can get to NE London you’re more than welcome to have a dip in my pot (oo-er!)

well if you go thou lewisham on the way home there’s a bike shop on loampit vale and 1 on lee high road opposite the bp fuel station.

how NE we talking… I’m in desperate need of the stuff and just cannot find it, my old man who sell car spares for a living cannot find any either.

tried evans cycles the guy looked at me blankly so knew that was a no go

Being a girl, I would ride innocently into the nearest bike workshop and ask where I could buy some…and if they had any, could I possibly buy some form them.

lol being a bloke, if I went in flashing a bit of leg I would probably be escorted off of the premises and a lengthy restraining order put on me.

You never know…

And we have success I have managed to find a pot not to far from me…


I have some and I am spitting distance from Farringdon Station (Hatton Garden). PM sent.


A post that ran from start to finish and no one made any silly remark about “Red rubber grease”.

Jetstream must have missed this one.

We haven’t got any so we kept quiet. Glad you found some Sleeper:)

Oldguy: You just have a dirty/suspicous mind:D

It’s called “experience”.

I learned it since meeting an entity, or more, on London Bikers.

What are you doing up at this time? Go on, off to bed, and don’t forget your tablets and hot water bottle! :w00t:

Ok, can’t blame Lusty for this one - it’s Alex :smiley:

I didn’t… Sound kinky to me, red rubber grease, hmmm :w00t:

gurninman (27/01/2009)

can I point out the suspiciousness of you going for a night out carrying a pot of grease of which you’re going to give some to a guy you’ve met off the internet? :w00t: