Red Route London Jeans

hi all,

has anyone tried these?

i am looking at draggin jeans but i find it hard enough to find a good fit with normal jeans so looking around for the right ones

need the usual, good protection (well as good as denim can get) but not the style of grandad’s trousers :slight_smile:


Im sorry, but they are officially so crap looking that you might as well ride my scooter :smiley:

My Dad (not known for his concern for looking good) wouldn’t wear those.

What are these people going to design next? A kevlar cardie with elbow patches???

(If you don’t like draggin, look up Hood jeans perhaps? And you’ve got to think about whether you’re happy with just abrasion resistance (which is all you’ve got with the kevlar lined jeans) or whether you would like some hard or soft protection to go with that. (IIRC, you can fit protection into draggins or hoods, but it doesn’t come as standard).

yeah i’m going to get some forcefield CE protection to go under them
hood jeans look even worse :stuck_out_tongue:

draggin may be the way fwd

Agreeing with BB here, they look a bit 70’s. Nice with a flouncy cheesecloth shirt I would imagine and a pair of aviators.

I quite like Draggin Jeans and find them pretty comfortable. Well comfortable enough to wear in the office all day.