Red Light Cameras!!

Hi Guys

I accidentally went through a red light on Trafalgar square this morning as I went through the first green light and was following a bike and went through it as it changed,

I know that I should of been paying more attention but its done now,

Is there any cameras around here that would of picked this up and I should be expecting points and a fine through my door?

I have attached a picture of where it was

Not on that image but Google street view images are often a few years old.

You’ll see them if you ride through there again - yellow or grey box on a pole, like a speed camera. Just don’t concentrate so much on looking for the camera that you ride through another red light :wink:

There is a barely noticeable traffic light between Whitehall and The Mall that I almost missed once due to all the madness that’s happening on the roundabout. Haven’t seen any cameras there though.

I don’t get any alerts for traffic lights on my Garmin around there and my database is up to date. Plus I’d have seen them as I’ve been through there lots of times. There may be CCTV but they mostly pick people up for bus lane fines and parking illegally.

So, did you go through two junctions controlled by two lights or one junction controlled by a pair of lights, if the traffic light sequence went from green to red you may well have mitigating circumstances :ermm:

Ignore the traffic lights, well don’t ignore them but pay more attention to the Stop Line
If you crossed the line on green you’ll be OKIf you crossed the line on amber you should still be OKIf you crossed the line on red …
Traffic Light Rules for Dummies points collectors and organ donorsRed = Stop and wait although you should be prepared to go by selecting first gear with the clutch in and brake covered.Red and amber = Give it some throttle, check cross traffic flow if clear or, a sufficient gap appears, drop the clutch and go, no wheelies mind.Green = go go goAmber = hit the throttle and cross the junction before the cross traffic blocks your way.
Exception, if approaching an amber light that turns red hit the throttle while checking for traffic light cameras or Police Officers, if present test the brakes with an emergency stop and wait, if clear go for it.

Re Amber - red light cameras that also get triggered by speed are springing up all over London to catch those that open the throttle on Amber.

Oh yes, for ‘accidentally going through the lights too fast’ expect to have to fork out 200 hard earned and collect 6 points in one sitting :w00t:

Edited for you

I;ve missed the light by accident before… nothing happened. Should be fine

And points…:Whistling:

Some of those cameras are just plain dangerous; I’ll jump a changing red on a wet day because it’s safer than trying to stop when they suddenly switch on you in a 40 or 50 (knobblies, no abs, no useful rear brake). The Great West Road past Heathrow is a fine example of a lights sequence that needs to be slowed down so amber is long enough to stop in or get through the junction.

Twice I’ve been flashed, and twice I assume some discretion has gone in to not giving me a ticket (pissing rain, jumped by a second or so). Though probably just luck.

hahaha, well played