RED HONDA CB Two- Fifty Nighthawk 1992 STOLEN- South Clapham Wednesday 6 June 2012

PLEASE CALL 07500 498 237 for a large cash reward if you have info leading to the recovery of this vehicle

stolen from Wroughton Road in CLapham, 6th June 2012
In good condition. slight dent on right side of fuel tank
Waterproof overalls and insurance details in under-seat compartment.
Missing Hi/Lo switch- taped over with black tape.
Orange MPH stickers over the Km/h speedo.
spare light bulb and tool-kit in tool-kit compartment.
A few bits of black tape on seat. now missing steering lock

(All happened in daylight) Arrived at friends house at 6.15PM Used the steering lock.
His friend came home, saw the bike still outside around 7.15PM I left the house around 8.30PM, bike gone, steering lock damaged on the floor.
Called the police, they arrived and drove off, looking for the bike.
A group of hooded youths (mainly white faces) were standing in the middle of the road about 25 meters away, they were on their phones.
3 of them (2 white, 1 black) came towards the scene and then walked of, looking at us and using their phones.

I wouldn’t have thought that would be the sort of bike that showed up on your typical bike thief’s radar.

Local to me, so i’ll keep an eye out for it.