Red Dwarf lovers

just read this on the BBC site, not sure I’m going to like this but I will give it a watch.

Fantastic can’t wait :slight_smile:


I used to love this.

I think it got sh!te after one of the writers left, think series 7 and 8 were proper cack…

so not sure what to expect out of this, although the no holds barred things sounds like it could be funny

Couldt beleive it when they said 21years !!!

21 years is a scary figure.

Lets hope it’s as good as the early ones.

Love it! I grew up through my teen years watching this!

Tidbit of info: Foxy was in Red-Dwarf!

Which character ? I may have already fantasized about her !

Really what episode??? I’m not gonna lie ive seen most if not all of them several times!

without sounding like the nerd in the pack, at one point you could have given me a line I could have told you the episode, series, who said it, who they saids it too and if it was begining middle or end of the episode

I so agree that it went from brilliant to awful . . . my gut is telling me that Dave TV may not be the best channel to create a superb Red Dwarf revival!

I won’t ruin it, but it’s set in the prison :slight_smile:

Yeah I saw this in the paper.:w00t::w00t::w00t: Hope they dont **** it up!

thought that about rab c nesbitt but they did’nt do a bad job.

That is so cool, but man 21 years forking ell I feel really old now was I really 7 when it first came on.

Boys from the dwarf!

So looking forward to this, except I’m probably away for easter. Must remember to setup the PVR.