Red Bull Soap Box Race

I’ve just seen this advertised on TV -

I think it looks quite fun!

I wouldn’t have the technical ability to build one, but maybe someone else can put together an LB team? :slight_smile:

I’ll probably try and make it along with my camera if nothing else.

Alexandra Palace - 14th July

That would be a great laugh. I did one (not Red Bull) years ago that was a 24 hour endurance race. Our cart was built from Dexion (industrial shelving stuff). It was brilliant fun - great memories.

I’m in. Just need a few others lol.

Haha this looks jokes!

Might have to give it a go… I’m in! :slight_smile:

Fantastic, brings back memories of pram wheels & broken teeth… ahhhh good times.:rolleyes:

As I said, I can’t really offer anything, other than documenting the work and the event :slight_smile:

If there are a few interested -

Who has a garage with enough space?Who has access to parts?Who has design ideas?

Some parts and design I can perhaps provide…

Being a biker forum can anyone design a crash helmet on wheels:D:D:)

id be in =]

GREAT IDEA! :w00t:


Ooooh. I’d be in. I have a small amount of space in the garage (must take bikes out) but have a large garden and tools. We would just need a welder. I could figure out the welding part :smiley:

How about asking OMC to sponser the cart? They let us use their tools and space, they then have their name down the side of it? That’s relatively central, so good for most people, no?

I have an old mountain bike that’s reached the end of its useful life. I’ll probably take a few bits (probably just saddle and pedals) off for the next project but I’d be happy to donate the rest if it’s of any use. It’s only going to get scrapped/freecycled otherwise.

How about a an outfit.

This is one my friend uses in the same sort of event up north. it’s made out of two C90 frames. :smiley:

you would have to use cycle parts to keep the weight down to meet the Red bull rules. :slight_smile:

and maybe with some fairing to make it appear more like a motorcycle.

Something like this? :slight_smile:

I thought there might be a rule about it needing 4 wheels, but apparently not…

I did tweet this thread to OMC, but no response :frowning:

I spectatored that event a few years back. It was a good chuckle although choice of soft drinks was very limited if you don’t like red bull. I don’t have time for much involvement but if any welding needs done, if it’s all prepped and ready I can throw some snot at it.

I have a large garage that we can use… Is in Carshalton and got a wide selection of Tools, tea, coffee, biscuits and curry and beer if prior warning is given !! :D:D:D:D That is unless somewhere else has been decided…

EDIT…Oh, would need a little bit of notice for a tidy up !!

So the SoapBox Race is today, I’ve had a look on their site and it says you need tickets which will be available from the website in May… but I don’t see how to buy them :ermm:

Also it says there’s no parking and to use public transport. :frowning:

Maybe I’ll give it a miss…

i think they sold out, that’s why you could not see a link.

I was there yesterday and it was a blast. If it comes around get your tickets early! Only a fiver, but bring your own food and drink (non alcoholic) because the prices are pretty steep.