Red Bull Romaniacs 2021

Footage from Red Bull Romaniacs 2021

@Serrisan this is where you pick up the bike and carry on

Crazy buggers. I don’t see a lot of fun being had in there.

Hard Enduro is hard!

When are you going to convert the SM to off-road anyhow?

Wasn’t there once a guy advertising an offroader bike on eBay who said it had done “some offroading” and then transpired bike had been through this?

It’s a mad mad event…

Those guys are lunatics.

As someone said in the video comments, a trials bike course with MX bikes.

The riders that can lift their bike up the hill the fastest, rather than ride it the fastest, win.

I wonder if you could get round on a trials bike. The Zippo fuel tank could be an issue.