Recovered theft

On behalf of a friend who isn’t a member of the forum.

Last night 27/11 around 10pm the Police knocked at his door.  Informed him his bike was parked a mile or so away from his flat.  The police received a call from a resident to ask them to look into a bike inconveniently parked in a locked residential compound.  They had run the plate and thought it strange that it was locked up over a mile from where it was registered and by some strange turn of events decided to follow it up by knocking on his door!

We believe the bike was stolen some time on Friday 25/11.  Stolen from an underground ‘secure’ carpark below a high rise block of flats about a mile from the location it ended up.  Chain was cut, looks like angle grinder work, steering lock snapped and bike taken away.   The police found it covered with a disk lock on in this residential compound.  In short, we got a van and took it back there and then. Heres where the thief’s had taken it…

54 Alphabet Square London E33RT



ah I misread!

Result, any other bikes in there>

and what a decent resident! police should have used it as a bait bike! and caught the scum

The Sleeper is (half) spot on. Bait that bike and then snipe the shit out of the scum.

+1 for a good news story

We did notice one other bike under a cover as you go in, turn left but in honesty didn’t check it out were selfishly just concerned with getting his out!

If I were the resident I’d be asking for CCTV footage to see how bike thieves got into the ‘secure’ compound - If they can get in with a stolen bike then they can get in to steal stuff as well, either that or the scrotes live in that block.

probably the same way they got in his secure car park to steal it in the first place