recording phone call!!

Is it legal to record my phone call? Should I tell that I am going to record the phone call before the conversation starts?


You should make every effort to tell them first:

depends on what you want to use it for.

If you were planing on taking someone to court you HAVE to tell them at the begining or you could not use it as evidence.

However, if you note the conversation on a piece of paper that is an entirely different story…

so I suppose you could record the call then transcribe it…

It’s depends on the situation.

If your trying to catch them out (i.e. personal situation) i think telling them would defeat the object, if you plan to use it for evidence or something.

Normally, if it has anything to do with business, i i think you have to.

I would like to record my own phone call (outgoing) for my reference. Thanks powerpuffgirl, the link explains a lot.


Powderpuff is spot on with her link.

Having worked for that industry I believe the best way around the home stuff is to record ALL conversations as a matter of course rather than selected ones. That way if you did need to make them available to any third party you could prove that it wasn’t originally recorded with this purpose in mind.

I think Zeuss is about right, but I’m not sure that he doesn’t have to tell everyone that the call is being recorded.

Not that stops G C H Q recording absolutely everything that a computer decides is interesting.

Probably including this email as I’ve mentioned G C H Q. (Twice)

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cool - who did you work for? I did indepth security, K9 dog section, britsec international, the indepth alternative/spi associates and safeboot - mainly static and patrol guarding with peripherals and the latter was IT security - most of the companies are/were owned by the same guy :wink:

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I was with you up to “cool – who did you work for?” then it sort of lost me . . . I worked for a company that sold call recording and automated messaging software for land-lines and mobiles . . . God, that sounds dull compared to what you did! :stuck_out_tongue: