Recommended servicing place in south London?

Need to get my bike serviced, headlamp fixed, and MOTed.  Is there anywhere recommended in south London (for Streatham) to do the former?  Would be nice if they did the MOT too, though.  I had contacted one place throught their website, easier for me to explain stuff that way, but never got a reply.

I think Infinity in Clapham are my nearest official Yamaha service department, but I would assume because of that they will be overpriced?  They also have mixed Google reviews.  I have no idea what Google reviews are, but that nothing posted on forums came up be searching presumably suggests they are not particularly praised or shamed.  I guess people must just post reviews on things directly into Google nowadays.

FWR kennington road. Very helpful and reasonably priced

Based in Streatham, did some good work on my bike and would recommend, otherwise Frank Dunstalls

+1 for Dunstan at Motorcycle Surgery. He’s been looking after my bikes for about 6 years now and has never let me down. Very reasonable and won’t replace things for the sake of it

They do MOT too (well the car garage next door to them where the mechanic also rides). 

FWR all the time - being buying tyres from them for  twenty years now - always found them helpful and professional.