Recommended Mechanic

Hi guys,

Looking to put an exhaust and get the suspension adjusted on my SV650. Any recommendations on where I should take her? I’m based in North London.

Cheers :w00t:

Brain at BN Race Science. Everyone here uses him for suspension. He’s based in a reputable mechanics workshop in Richmond who I’m sure would be able to fit an exhaust.

+1 for Brian.

fir a north london mechanic you should look at Scorch or Rob Brown

+1 for Brian - he’s done all my bikes

+1 for both Scorch and Rob for mechanic work. However, Rob did have an accident a little while back that meant he wasn’t able to work - I don’t know if he’s recovered enough yet.

Rob just did a major service for me, not back to full speed, but working.

I can fit your exhaust and make some rudimentary adjustments to your suspension. For fine tweaking use B, I can’t compete with his suspension voodoo. :wink:

+1 for Rob Brown, he’s looked after my bike. The forum speaks highly of Scorch, although I haven’t had the pleasure. And Brian is meant to be the daddy on suspension. Shouldn’t go wrong with those three!

Glad to hear Rob is slowly getting back to things!