Recommendations please.

Bit new to the world of Suzuki and need to find a garage, near or around the SW region of London that can do a good, reliable and excellent service on the Death Star (Bandit 600).

Honda experts I can name hundreds, but Suzuki garages. Haven’t seen a specific one.
Can anyone recommend a good place to go?

Ta, TobyWan

Get yourself down to Premier motorcycles in West Wickham, used them loads and always had a friendly and professional service.

Thats cos Hondas are better than Suzukis

They are a bit out of SW London, but heard good things about Steve Jordan M/C’s

why you are there get them to take away that gay alarm as matt calls it

on a better note hope you find a good garage

steve jordans is out in bookham which is not far from boxhill, or you have got west london suzuki which is in bedfont not far from heathrow

Ive got tyres a few times from small place in vauxhall, behind the station, just down a wee bit from Metropolis motorcycles

They do servicing etc

Personally I don’t trust Ray who runs the workshop at West London Suzuki - he has bullshitted me twice now, so don’t think I would be happy having him in charge of servicing my bike. It is a pity, because Mark is a top bloke, and I would buy another bike from him any day.

Premier in West Wickham would get my vote as well. Had my bandit serviced there on a number of occassions. Excellent service and very friendly bunch.

Actually AbbeyJ its cos all of the herd ride Hondas, only the truly individual and unique try something else

colin collins are good - harrow, kenton, watford?

Cheers all, much obliged.

Ginger, I’ve already been there and done that mate,

Will post updates about service I received for toher to benefit from in the Name and Shame section.

Cheers all, TObyWan

so thats why there are so few gxsrs on the road,…

Now now, all those Honda dealers are necessary parts of the community. Otherwise there would be Honda parts all over the roadways

Suzuki’s clearly last longer and don’t need as much care and attention to keep them running.

yeah but some suzukis have gay alarms

Gay alarm or not I’m with you on this one Toby, Suzuki’s rock!!

My gay alarm HAS been changed.

Instead of a rising warbly ringing annoying high pitched squeak…

now this really camp voice minces its way out of the speaker going “Ooooh you bitch, you wouldn’t nick this would you, the colour’s all wrong for your eyes, and doesn’t go with your leathers, ooh you mean bitch, stop it, no don’t take it, stop, gawd! Help police help, I’m being taken against my will”

Much more macho I reckon!

Toby, you crack me up!!Lol

Wheelpower in Raynes Park (SW20) will do the work for you, or, go further afield to Steve Jordan Motorcycles in Bookham (close to BoxHill).