Recommendations for website/domains/email hosting please

Without warning, the provider that I’d been using since 2004 just dropped their hosting services. I noticed this on Friday when my emails stopped working, then later found out that none of my 11 domains were working. I logged Tickets for these faults, but they weren’t answered. I tried their on-line chat system, but was met with “160” and “84” people in the queue ahead each day. On Tuesday after nearly four hours in a queue, I was told that they “… we retired our Gridhost platform, meaning your website/s and emails are no longer be accessible …”. They claim they sent me emails, but I positively did not receive any about that, yet did receive emails about an unpaid invoice, even though I had auto-pay enabled.

Through Facebook, I found many other people have had the same problem as me.

Using their “chat” system for nearly an hour, I was also told, when I asked enough questions, that they do provide domain and email hosting on their “shiny new platform” her term, not mine. When I asked why they did not simply migrate my stuff from Gridhost to the “shiny new platform” she would not give me straight answer, and I felt she was avoiding telling me the whole story or simply could not be bothered to do so.

I am now looking for good quality domain services and would seek guidance from you tech guys on here. I would probably also need to be coached on what to ask for, what to avoid and the like. I’ve not worked in IT for over 22 years, and I never was an internet guy anyway.

Can anyone coach me as to what I need and how to properly shop for it please?

Currently I have 11 domains and use email from three of them. I have built simple websites using WordPress, at a very basic level.

The package that I was using from TSO Host was called the Ultimate Hosting package, cost £99.99 + VAT and was able to host up to 100 domains.

TSO has been sending emails to me for ages about this. I switched over to their new service only because I couldn’t be arsed with moving the websites myself.

The alternative I looked at was

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I didn’t receive any email about it. If I had done, I would have swapped over, but because of their manner of dealing with me, I’m looking for another provider.

I’ve just looked at squarespace but it seems everything is on-line, no telephone numbers, so I cannot entertain that.

I’ve subsequent been sent this tsoHost shuts down Gridhost service platform • The Register by another customer that has been let down by TSO Host.

Thank you anyway Gavin.

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Well, that could have gone smoother, eh Aceman!
OVH host us and I’d happily recommend them to anyone.

For DNS, I would recommend Cloudflare. They have a free tier that’s perfectly functional.

Hey Martin,

Can’t help on the websites not my bag, but I’m happy to move you onto Office 365 free of charge (my services, not their billing I’m afraid). I could get you setup pretty quickly if needed.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

If you just need an urgent hosting place for a bit, I can put you up for free on a linux/apache/mysql/php thing basically indefinitely, but my support promise is even worse than those :slight_smile:

What do you actually need?

@Jay Thank you for your recommendations.
@The_Sleeper Thank you for your offer of help.
@BigRedS Thank you for your offer too.

What do I need? Let me first say that I may sound naive with my requirements, especially from a technical point. Although I used to work in IT, either I was on help desk, or hardware support most of the time. My needs are:

• Space for my existing 12 domains (I may consider cutting this down to 10)
• Email facilities for each domain
• Emails must be saved on the host (IMAP)
• Emails to be accessible on my mobile
• Resilient domain & emails (don’t want to experience same as TSO)
• Easy build website facility &/or templates – What service do you offer?
• Not to be trapped into contract. If your services are good, I’ll continue to remain as customer (I was with TSO since 2004)
• Telephone support
• No hidden costs. Declare everything

Good extras
• What other services should or could I be asking for? I don’t want to start something and then realise there is something else I could have asked for that may leave me at a disadvantage.

My domains:

I use Outlook for my emails on my home pc.
I would like to be able to send, receive, and delete emails on my mobile.
I would like to be able to send, receive, and delete emails on any pc, MAC or mobile.

I have found a provider for all of the above and have initiated to move to a small business call Oasis Technology. I was recommended to the owner by a very close friend, and speaking with the owner, James, I found him to be extremely forthcoming and helpful. His fees are half that of what I was paying at TSO.

In summary, I think I have already found the solution. However, if any of you can let me know of any factors that I have not entertained, or anything else that may be useful, please let me know.

Sounds like you’re onto a winner. I was going to suggest finding a smaller and more human company if you want active support, since they’re more likely to actually value your custom. The one I used to work at (Positive Internet) is very much like that, but there are others, and if you’ve a personal connection even better!


You do not want to use IMAP it is ancient tech and soooo easy to get around in terms of security. Really the only mainstream tech that pulled the email down was POP3 and again that is so old no one should be using it, it would be like using netscape as your primary internet browser today (both pop3 & imap) even things like ActiveSync have been decommissioned and that is not that old just another one where security became an issue.

Office 365 you can have all your domains on the same tenant and have as many email address and/or aliases as you wanted.

I think you have my number, feel free to give me a call if you want to talk about it.

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What you cant use Netscape thats me fu****

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You say that like it means something obvious. Am I the only non tech person on here that considers that jargon?

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Lol, this one more shows the age of people.

NetScape was pretty much one of the first mainstream internet browsers. equivalent Chrome today as an example

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Chrome now I understand :rofl:

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For domains I’ve used Gandi for years. Their strapline is “No Bullshit” and they really do live by that,

I have no idea of the types of hosting services available but @The_Sleeper has triggered a lot of nostalgia re: Netscape

I seem to remember them around the time the only company I could get DSL was AOL - and their browser / bloatware & customer experience was the worst…

Bit late to this thread but I just want to shout out small (ish) independent company based near Cambridge. I’ve used them for 20 years. Brilliant support based here.

Curious though that someone said IMAP is ‘out of date’. Since when? Properly set up it’s fine…