Recommendations for locks/chains etc?

In reality I only carried the chain in on Monday and out on Friday but fair point made.

I looked at the New York noose/lock as a lighter alternative to what I had but couldn’t find any information on the shackle dimensions. I’m assuming here the idea is that you run the chain around a fixed object such as a lamp post and then through the loop and back to the motorcycle locking it to a part of the motorcycle frame. Is that how it works?

So the padlock would need to be something between a conventional padlock and a U lock. That is a noose chain wouldn’t work with the Squire SS50/65CS padlocks because the shackle barely fits around a single link of 14/16 mm chain.

Yeah, maybe you can’t use your favourite padlock with it then, actually (I’ve never really looked at them). With mine I either put the padlock round a frame tube and the end of the chain, or use it to create a loop in the chain, locking the end of the chain to the length of it.

That’s the problem in the age of the internet, I’m thinking I should have dragged my carcass over to somewhere where they had the things in stock and checked them out in the flesh.

Pragmasis do a noose option on their 11, 13 & 16mm chains: