Recommendations for Bluetooth intercom

Lost my Bluetooth intercom, Cardo Freecom 4+, on Friday. Looking for a replacement so asking for your recommendations &/or warnings against any brands models please.

My requirements:

  1. Stereo Bluetooth connectivity to my android mobile.

  2. Voice commands.

  3. Good battery time i.e. 10+ hours.

  4. Good connectivity to other brands of intercoms.

  5. My Freecom 4+ did not have the “mesh” communication ability. Is that a big deal?

  6. What others things should I be considering?

I’ll be buying the Cardo Pactalk Black tomorrow. Unless anyone would suggest otherwise.

We run the Packtalk Blacks. Very good units.

I bought the Cardo Packtalk Black. 45mm speakers and a 3 year warranty.

I love my Cardo Packtalk Bold, great bit of kit.