RECOMMENDATION: B+B IN France near Limoges

I am sat here at home with a bag of frozen peas on the foot with the broken Meta-tarsals - but thats another story from my France Trip this month.
It started really well!

First day was of course Ferry to Calais - I don’t do the Tunnel - having been up at 4 to get down for the 8.25 ferry I didn’t have much to eat - I knew that would be the case so I booked the Club lounge - eat and drink as much as you want in comfort without everybody and their dog at your heals and only £24 which on a ferry is easy to rack up.
1st day was cold damp and wet, but I arrived at Chartres Luce Ibis my 1st stop in drenching Sun and the next day set off into the unknown - I had booked 2 days at a Biker B+B: MOTOBREAKS.
It all looked great from the site, but you never know…
Anyway, I found turn off and arrived, to be welcomed by owner and host, with a smile!
It was hot as hell and I was taken into the bar and given a ice cold beer - a very nice welcome.
My room [en suite] was on 1st floor I dumped my gear and then came down and helped myself to another beer [and ticked off on my sheet]
Chris the owner joined me on the terrace and asked if BBQ was fine for dinner - of course - I could eat a cow!!
I thought the place would be heaving, but I was the only guest those 2 days - it was well cool and great place to be, a bottle of wine was served with dinner and Chris joined me.
I can tell you we didn’t stop at one bottle and the effects made for an excellent night sleep
Chris was up and cooking a great breakfast in the morning and then just before me going out to explore - gave a few good tips where to adventure.
My second night was just as inviting as my first, I really shouldn’t drink too much…



Thanks for the recomendation, always nice to know! :slight_smile: