Recommend me some Tyres for the winter.

Ok so it’s about time I changed my Tyres. I have a set waiting for me for when the weather gets better but for now, seeing as the weather is changing for the worst, I need something with good feel in the cold and wet.
Not worried about wear rate just a decent feel and grip.

Anyone recommend anything?

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT or Road 2 end of :smiley:

I’ve used Pilot 2CT style tyres for 3 years on litre bikes and not had a problem…Don’t even have to adjust riding style that much and when the rear did let go on a blast around Burnham once, it was a laugh :smiley:

Hardy harrr :slight_smile:

Much better than the (no confidence in the wet) Crapellis :laugh:

I have got 2CT’s on at the mo but wondered if there was anything else. I thought the new Pirelli Angel ST’s looked quite good and Jay seemed impressed with them on his 750.

What about the Continental Road Attacks, i had them on my K5 and they also gave good feel?

I will not touch Dunlop so don’t even go there:P

Yesteryear’s Dunlops were a no-no, agreed. But I just fitted Dunlop Roadsmarts to my SD and they’re in a different league. Just as good as the Pilot Road 2CTs wet and dry and better than the Power 2CTs for general road use. And I have good reports of Roadsmarts on the track too. (for a sport touring tyre)

Yep I can confirm that the Roadsmarts are as good as the 2CT’s. Just had mine fitted at Essential Rubber … very good price … do mention LB for your discount. Real nice team down there. :smiley:

Crikey, I have been using Pir…Crapelli’s, Corsa III(?) on my old Ducati and the regular (None III’s) on the R1. Not knowing any better I thought that they were pretty good?:blush:

But you don’t ride expecting grip :smiley:

Slide everywhere :wink:

That should be your slogan.