Recommend me some new grips

Need to change mine, any recommendations for comfort and feel for road use. Default choice are Rehthal Medium, anyone have experience on others?

I’ve only ever used the default KTM ones when swapping but have thought about the foam type ones next time.

Used to run Renthal mediums on previous sportsbikes. Soft fell apart in two seconds. Was useless.

I’m a recent convert to heated grips (why did I wait so long??) and love my R&G sports. I’ve got them on both bikes and apart from being super snug, I find them more comfortable than the originals due to the extra width. Unfortunately, the garage mice seem to like them too.

Another plus for heated grips, mean you can stay in summer gloves for longer

Ive had some of the rental soft ones, and they wore out very quickly

@nivag actually less than £20 for KTM OE handgrips, not thought about that. Will do this or the renthal mediums. Only worry is the possible increase in vibration with the Renthal.

@Janey firmly a fair weather rider these days, heated grips would do nothing more than probably help kill an already needy battery and keep the mice warm!!

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Heated grips aren’t just for Christmas… I had them on when I went out early this morning!

I have a bit of arthritis in my hands so gripping the usual hard plastic grips isn’t so nice. I fitted these Grip Puppies over the grips on my SV650 and it’s made a fantastic difference to the comfort. Less vibration and a slightly bigger grip. They’re tight to put on (bit of Fairy liquid…) but they don’t slip at all. Tip: don’t trim them before putting them on!
I’m going to get some for my Trident 900 too.

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