Recommend me a good bike accident lawyer

Any suggestions gratefully received.

I can recommend RSS, Rider Support Services, having used them several times. Call them on 020 8246 4900 and speak to Michael Wheatley. You could also call White Dalton on who I’ve used once, on 0800 783 6091 and ask for Gavin Grewal.

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Definitely do not use mccans (think that is how you spell it) they are god awful, useless and you can mever talk to the actual claims handler…

All this aside, hope your ok and it is nothing to serious?

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You could read this


Thanks folks. Was an unfortunate start to the new year, not wishing to say too much on a public forum, my ‘friend’ had a low speed incident which seems to have resulted in a damaged bike and a bit more.

He is interested in finding a solicitor because he wants it resolved quickly and hates the dishonest dealings of the insurance companies.

For more details PM me!


Cycling? Definitely Leigh Day. If you want other suggestions, I can ask around.

Motorbiking? I don’t know but there are some knowledgeable folk on here who will hopefully chime in soon.

Hope you’re not hurt!

Urgh, sorry to hear that fella. Hope your friend is okay. Body, pride and machine.

Many years ago (13) I had an accident and my insurance set me up with NewLaw Solicitors (

I have to say they were great. I doubt the same case worker is there but a lady called Lisa Charles ( [email protected]) was great.

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