Recommend a Mechanic - Street Triple Issues - Cam Chain Tensioner?

Hi all, 

Any help is appreciated - I’m looking for a good triumph mechanic around the Ilford/Gants Hill Area (Not Jack Lilley).

I have a Street Triple R ABS 2013 model - I was riding it home the other day and the engine started making a rattling noise.

Its constantly making a rattling noise similar to the one in this video.

Any help/recommendations is appreciated.



Not quite your area, but are excellent Triumph Mechanics (ex-Boyers in Plumstead - what used to be one of London’s oldest Triumph places).  I used them for my Sprint RS and they were excellent at diagnosis and good value for money.  They are based in Greenwich.

“not an oil issue.” is a very strange conclusion there. 

The 675s have a camchain tensioner that’s tensioned by oil pressure. You’ve got camchain rattle and your oil light came on; that means you’ve a lack of oil pressure. That the level’s right in the sump just means the problem’s not low oil; it’s more likely to be the pump. 

Yikes - had not thought of that Big Red, well spotted. Think I will take it into trimoto at some point next week - how much of a danger do you think it would be to ride it down there? its about 7 miles.

I’d assume that if the oil pressure light is off then there is enough pressure and the oil’s getting to the right places, and ride it down gently. 

Sounds almost normal for a 675. My Daytona is a bit rattly but not had any oil light issues. Def get it looked at due to the oil light. Could also be cracked headers up near the manifold as that makes a similar noise. Any popping and banging on shutting throttle at high revs?

Hey ad, no popping and banging at high revs - im hoping its something cheap and easy to repair :( 

There could be many faults here if other symptoms are introduced. However sticking with the symptoms we have, engine rattle and oil (pressure) warning light, the first diagnosis by BRS appears to be spot on.

Possible of interest. When I was considering a Sweet Twiple I researched for any known faults and found a number of references to the automatic hydraulic cam chain tensioner. Seems there may be a problem when running the engine at high revs with the oil pressure at its peak the tensioner may over tension the chain. Apart from the obvious risk of premature chain wear it’s suggested that when shutting the throttle off from high revs the drop in oil pressure can cause the tensioner to back off to such an extent allowing sufficient slack in the chain for the valve timing to slip. The obvious risk here is of the valve heads coming into contact with the piston crowns which can result in all manner of havoc. Some recommended replacing the automatic hydraulic tensioner with a manual tensioner, the claimed advantage being the manual tensioner will maintain the cam chain at a constant tension. Apparently the only downside to this modification is the cam chain tension will have to be checked at regular service intervals. If you want to question any of that feel free, its only hear say off the inter webby.

This is a known problem.  It was also the last of the 18 warranty issues that I had with my Terrible Triumph Daytona 675, the 2013 model.

It was fixed by Palmers aka Herts Triumph, as a “good will gesture” as it was about 6 months outside the warranty.  But they created further damage to a gasket which caused a leak, and this was the day before I was riding it to France.  At least they corrected their error by sending one of their guys around to my house to fix it the same evening.

Good luck.

Think you may have picked the wrong hobby for that mate! Get it checked out by a place that knows these bikes well to avoid wasted labour costs chasing the fault. Post up the results please fella

Which is why I mentioned TriMoto as they are Triumph specialists who are a lot cheaper than main dealer prices…

They’re local to me, sounds good. Think I’ll take mine there next time it needs something out of my depth. Keep us posted Fabio!

I will keep you guys updated -  planning on taking it down there next week at some point.