Recommend a good scooter dealer please.... NW London


I need to get a used scooter whilst I wait for the outcome of my court case to get my bike back. I am looking for a 125cc Vespa or Vespa look alike… budget is around £900. Can anyone recommend a good dealer ? I live in NW2


why a vespa? get a ps125 :wink:

I bought a Vespa from Scooterden on Kingsland Road a couple of years ago. Not sure if that’s too far east for you…

doesnt have to be a Vespa can be a similar look. Its cause my girlfriend is going to have the scooter after me and she loves the Vespas, she had one till I got knocked off it at christmas and it got written off… :angry:

oh ok… if it was me id get an aprilia custom

much prefer it to the vespas

NatureGirl01 (14/01/2011)

I bought a Vespa from Scooterden on Kingsland Road a couple of years ago. Not sure if that’s too far east for you…[/quote]

+1 I’ve bought a couple of bikes from Motoden (part of the same company) and they were pretty good.

cool thanks will check them out

Does that include the blanket and the man bag? :D:DPss taking aside - I got a cheap scooter off Gumtree - worth a look.

More W than NW but CBS Whitton near Twickenham Rugby Ground and Walton Road Garage near Hampton Court Station are two of the best Piaggio/Vespa dealers in London. Can’t speak for CBS, but WRG always have agood stock of secondhand machines.Both are longstanding family businesses.

This is on the WRG website for £950 although the seat appears to have splits, that is easily solved, if required. However, there are advantages to having a scooter that looks a bit tatty.

BTW, just as there are many on two wheels who see scooter riders as something less than real motorcyclists, there is a similar pecking order amongst scooterists. Things like Aprilia Customs are placed only just above Chinese scooters, with proper Vespas very near the top. :wink:

Speak to Westie - he may have something?

really? id have thought the aprilia would be above a vespa… :ermm: ill stick to my Honda scooter i think :w00t:

Also heard very good things about CBS Whitton.

If you want a more northerly option (though I’d say a trip to Whitton must be doable) then also had positive comments on Firstline (Arnos Grove, N11) they’re more bike focused but might have a suitable 125, gotta be worth a call (020 8361 5151).

Thank you everyone.

Where does the Peugeot Speedfight go? I used to have one of them when I was 16, after my beloved Kawasaki AR50 was stolen.

Most Aprilia scooters in recent years use Piaggio engines. I suspect the Custom uses the same air cooled version of the Leader engine as the ET/LX Vespas. The only difference is styling. One has classic Vespa styling, the other doesn’t which is the big difference.

Aprilia is of course now only a Piaggio brand as it has lost its seperate identity. Vespa has always been a Piaggio brand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Piaggio stops making scooters under the Aprilia name as they seem to be rationalising their brands as -

Vespa - steel bodied scooters with Vespa styling

Gilera - sports scooters

Piaggio - all other scooters

Derbi - small bikes

Aprilia - larger sports bikes/road/off road bikes

Moto Guzzi - tourers/cruisers

I would recommend either the Honda PS125 or the SH125, they are very reliable scooters.

You can always wander into Whsmiths and pick up a copy Scootering Magazine, they have an ads section in the back and most of the people selling will be into their Vespa’s so a fair chance it’s been looked after…Just be careful flicking through the pages as the customising/Tuning bug is easy to pick up :smiley: