Recall British Summer 2008

The British Summer has been declared “substandard and inherently
faulty” by the manufacturers. The Weather has issued a recall notice
for Summer 2008, citing “manufacturing defects” that have resulted in
inadequate sunlight and a severe excess of rainfall.

“We have to put our hands up and say it’s been pretty shoddy,” said a
spokesman for The Weather. “Obviously we’ve had supply issues with
certain key raw materials like sunshine and warmth, but yes, we could
certainly have looked at how we allocated what we had.”

According to Weather officials, they’re not obliged to issue any kind
of refund. “Basically, Summer’s broken, but we can’t do much about it
at this late stage,” commented the same spokesman on condition of
anonymity. “So we’re planning to pull it and roll Autumn on to the
market earlier than usual to fill the gap. We expect that most
customers won’t even notice the changeover. Our 2009 model year Summer
will be fantastic, though, honest.”

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lol - i guess we didnt extend the warranty…and besides, we might have had a little to play in why… :hehe:

Ha ha. Nice one!

Surely not stolen, merely put here as a tribute to it’s original author? :slight_smile:

Their explanation isn’t good enough! I was promised summer months back and as it hasn’t turned up yet. I want it delivered tomorrow morning 7.00 a.m. sharp! I also want a slip of paper saying ‘with compliments’ - plus some vouchers allocating me 4 weeks proper summer weather.

My Hein Gerike one piece over-suit is on standby.

Who was the supplying dealer, Metropolis?

Just don’t take it to West London Yamaha to get fixed :w00t: