Rebuilding wheels. Help please.

can anyone recommend a trustworthy place in london to get my rims and hubs powder coated and rebuilt.

Thanks in advance

it was at least 10 years ago now, but I had a set of wheels rebuilt with stainless spokes and repainted hubs by Hagon’s in Hainault & they did a grand job.

there was a fella on the dt forum had his sm wheels done at Hagon’s

there used to be a place called candy wheels in tatesfield i was going to take my wheels there but i cant find there site now so might be gone.

also quite alot of people send there wheels away to sfx wheels the guys prices are spot on and i have not hurd one single bad thing about him yet

Was hoping to find a local. But it seems my best bet is to send wheels to sfx wheels. I need to find myself a centre stand or something if I do as it’ll be locked up outside.

Might you be better off getting one company to do the shot blasting and powder coat, and then use a specialist firm to rebuild the rims and spokes etc…?

CMF in Slough, or Slough Plastic Coaters (Name might be slightly different) are good for stripping coatings, blasting and powder coating.

i have a center mx stand your welcome to borrow wile the wheels are being sent off pal im in south east london if you want to borrow it

Candy wheels is still in tats field was up there few days ago. Jamie will do the lot there strip coat and rebuild . Worth a ride down and a chat he’s a nice guy

Hi Ross,

thanks for the kind offer! However just bought a brand new DRC HC2 for £45quid posted! Oh I got to love an ebay bargain :wink:

Thanks mate do they have a site?

nice one fella =]

i dont think they have a site i couldnt find it thats why i was unsure if they wear still there

Found someone selling some cheap drz wheels. I may buy them to stick on whilst I get my wheels sorted. I use my bike daily and have no other mode of transport. Took bus yesterday and I was soo pissed off the whole day I didn’t know why. Even my work colleagues noticed it.