Rear tyre slightly squared

If my rear tyre is slightly squared off will it affect me much at a track day ? The chap in the bike shop said he’d seen far worse but I’m not keen on anything that will make it difficult for me to get running fast, is it worth changing the tyre ? It’s a Pirelli Corsa something or other

(This is on the trumpet, not the Kawasaki)

You’ll probably round it off on the track day.

Depends how bad it really is, but, you will be cranked right over on the track, well thats the theory, so it probably won’t affect you too much. But if it is going to unnerve you, change it.

You’ll be fine unless its looking like a car tyre

I used to track my road bike after much motorway commuting.

Think of the kudos showing off all the lovely bobbles next Borough meet. Tell 'em you did it 9am on the A406 in the rain and revel in the amazed gasps…

It will be fine so long as you trust it…

If the current wet weather trend continues then I reckon you’ll be better off with the older tyre as a well bobbled track tyre can feel dodgy on wet roads (I’m thinking about after your track day here…)… better to have an old tyre that feels dodgy & replace it than replace a new un… make sense?

Thanks, I may as well keep it on and use it up then It’s going to be a dry track day anyway, it’s got to be