Rear Sets

I’ve been scouring websites, ringing sales departments and researching articles. I am looking for the right rearsets for an '08 R6 and no salesperson can give me a decent answer as to what makes one brand better over the other. I have narrowed it to Sato, Graves, Gilles and CRG, but salespeople never seem to know their competition - only the ones they sell. I am so sick of speaking to so called technical departments who have no true idea about their product or competition of that product…

Anyone got any good reviews of one brand over the other? The brands I mentioned all seem to have a nice design to them so I think durability. adjustability and overall quality of product are the important points.

Any good reviews would be welcomed.


id say go with the gilles rear sets,
i had them on my old bike, easy to adjust and im sure you can buy spares for them,

rather than some of the cheaper ones having to be replaced when the pegs broke

see if you can find out what the superstock r6’s have on them they are normally the better ones

I have personally used both Gilles and Graves rearsets and Graves are better for the following reasons and not just because i sell them:
Much more material, so do not flex under the riders weight.Folding tips with double roller bearings on the shift & brakeRubber grips on the shift & brakeHigh grip foot pegs can be removed in less than 5 secondVery sturdy carbon heel guardsVery cosmetically pleasingNot mass produced, built by craftsman
As for the other brands i can’t comment as i have never used them.

Ok guys thanks for the help. The graves certainly sound interesting.

I was also chatting to a gentleman called Phil at Seton Tuning and he has tried many different types of rear-sets over the years and eventually resorted to having some developed. They are a race team of many years experience and a lot of what he said makes sense being that often the designers of the rear-sets are not necessarily concerned with the best racing features as opposed to having the best cosmetic features. I’ll be taking a closer look at his as well.

not advice on which ones but…

theyre well worth the investment in my opinion. At first ya’ll hate them! your feet will be high and far back and it will feel wierd as hell. after a while especially after a spirited ride or track day :smiley: you’ll get it :wink: and after… standard pegs are ******* retarded! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had gilles on my last bike and I have Harris on this bike. Both have been fine and are fully adjustable. I think in the end it’ll be about which ones you prefer the look of.

the diamond ones are 175 and you can replace individual parts. have had a couple of sets of these and am very happy with them.

gilles seem daftly overpriced compared to the competition, esp as if you do drop then you’re usually looking at replacing much of the rearset/levers anyway

most sets are cnc alloy anyway, so unless the connections come undone (which is usually more to do with how they’re fitted than the sets themselves) then i doubt you’ll notice much between 'em apart from how they look :wink:

I’ve owned Gilles before, which are very nice, but I think RPP gives a great case for the Graves. I’d go with those if it was me. Infact, I might.

Yes, been thinking about them now since seeing that post.
It’s Saturday night and I am sitting about thinking about rearsets. How sad am I?
Sad enough to go out for a ride now and do some roundabout knee down-ing…

Oh, and I have reversed my stock shift gear change so that I am running GP shift. It is SO much better this way. I give it a Bernard Matthews thumbs up rating.

Im using diamond rearsets as well as most of my riding mates. They are not too expensive and are quite well built. Replacement parts also available from them if they are needed.

jonnili (15/07/2009)

Im using diamond rearsets as well as most of my riding mates. They are not too expensive and are quite well built. Replacement parts also available from them if they are needed.[/quote]

I’d go with those too. Had SES rearsets on my track bike and they were good too, cheap and cheerful but did the job perfectly well. I guess it depends what you want, bling or to do a job :slight_smile:

Got Arata in the end for £206. They are really well built and look great. The shifter and break movements are far superior to the clunky stock shift and over sensitive brake.

Thanks for the reply though.