Re Waterproofing

Hi all
Rode the other day in the rain and felt a bit damp when i got home , ive been wering the same HG textille/leather 2 piece for a while and its seen a lot of rain and always kept me dry so Im wondering if anyone has any product preferences to re water proof them , or am I dreaming

Is it Goretex? If so wash it with Nixwax Techwash. Goretex and to be honest most water proof breathable membranes need to be clean to work.

But follow the instructions - especially clean out the washing machine’s “filler” section before using Techwash - it is detergent-free and it’s the detergents in washing powder etc that stop the waterproofing working.

Use the green Nikwax wash first, followed by the purple waterproofer.

Double check your waterproof liners. Mine started to peel off after just 9 months (Richa trousers). Helmet City sent them back to the manufacturer and they replaced the trousers with a brand spanking new pair. My boyfriend’s started to do the same thing, but he hasn’t got the receipt anymore, so we patched it up with Tenacious Tape Worked a treat :slight_smile:

+1 I wash my waterproofs in this stuff about twice a year, or sooner if they become less effective. Nikwax ect isn’t cheap, but it is very good stuff and it’s a damn sight cheaper than buying a new set of gortex kit (when there’s nothing wrong with what you have).

Also remember to remove any armour if the instructions say to do so.

did my Gortex HG suit with Nikwax as per instructions and now the suit’s rubbish. Much worse than before. So I don’t think I’ll be washing textile suits again :frowning:

Well I washed my goretex Bering trousers on Thursday, and reproofed using nikwax, spray on repellent, I will see if they are still working today on the journey home.

Something that I did not find on the instructions…but have been advised from someone at W.L Gore…

Tumble drying reactivates the DWR (Durable Water Repellant) layer of the Goretex fabric…

So will be tumble drying mine after spraying the DWR on…:wink:


spray clothing with nixwax products :slight_smile:

Cool…Nice Thread

Have ordered some Nikwax to wash into my Rukka gear :cool:

I think the waterproofing products I’ve used before have recomended a tumble drier to ‘cure’ the waterproofing as well.

After you wash your gear in Nikwax you’ll slide about on the seat for the first few miles so be careful.


Ta :cool:

This may be a stupid question… but how long would a Goretex two piece need to be in tumble drier for? Mine has no guidelines - only to use the ‘Low Heat’ setting!

Until it’s dry.

Or until you run out of 20p pieces for the launderette.

I don’t put my Gortex in the tumble drier, I let it drip/air dry over the bath using the shower curtain rail to hang them from. Normaly takes mine about a day to dry out.

You see I was expecting that answer but here’s the thing… I’ve noticed that when I set the drier to a specific time, and open it midway and then resume program clothes come out wet

If I leave it for the same amount of time and let it finish then clothes are dry.

Then again I could set it for short programs all the time and just wait for it to finish, but that’s a long drawn process… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Not sure at what point in this thread the LB forum became the Good housekeeping guide but I’d hazzard a guess it was a few posts back :stuck_out_tongue: