Raymond Scott

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00t8nzx/Stealing_Shakespeare/Just watched this because it was on after the news and I couldn’t be bothered flicking channels - what a fascinating wierdo :smiley:


Eccentric or total c*nt - I guess it’s just a matter of opinion . . .

Very interesting, thanks Chris.

But what a plonker!

And what a waste of time & money when the police (& FBI) should have been catching drug dealers etc.

no no,u guys must be missing the point.This can’t be true,ithas 2 be a weird advertising stunt. Or do absolute c:;*s like that really exist?

Yes it can, not it isn’t and yes they do.

Also known as ‘the simple answer’

I’ve just searched this fella online and I have lost all hope in humankind

I wrote it so it`s not stealing, just claiming my own work back.

Kit Watson Marlow.:slight_smile:

Look up the rest of my portfolio, I`m quite a writer.

Scott was sentenced to 8 years today for this.