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Bacon, Egg & Cheese Roll from the cafe down the road. chewy bacon and just a splash of ketchup

Ketchup? Schoolboy error. You should’ve gone for HP. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all about the HP :stuck_out_tongue:

Was the bacon cooked properly or merely introduced to the heat ? :angry:

hmmm no egg for me, would have had to be bacon (chewy not burnt to a crisp) with a slice of cheese so that its melted it onto the bacon with a good splash of ketchup… no HP for me - yuk!

bring on lunch!! :smiley:

me I would have gone for a nice sausage and mushroom with tomato sauce, but yours isn’t a bad choice

Cheese roll, what’s with that for brekkie!

Full english in door step bread with red and white sauce

A fine choice Sir. For lunch I have been known to nip across to either McD’s or KFC for whatever takes my fancy, jeez, in the past when I worked near Victoria I used to nip across to the ‘Gourmet Cuisine’ chinese place at Strutton Ground for their 'all you can eat buffet for 4 bucks, those where the days. Sadly, the missus has put me on a diet and I’m now on tuna & salad tortilla wraps. I did plead with her to allow me some mayo to jazz the fugger up a bit but when I opened my lunch box it was a complete tuna mayo carnage scenario due to her inadequate wrapping technique and a 40 odd mile fast commute. Typical…

Bacon should only go with HP.

What’s with you guys sticking vinegar based crap on your food? Don’t you like the taste of what you’ve bought?

If your going to add ketchup or brown sauce, you might as well have just bought a buttered roll to ruin.

And I thought that the “sauce” thing was just a building site labourers site canteen thing.

no good without pics m8.

HERESY! :blink: