Raring To Go

Well I’m here, PDT done, Aclimatised, start in the NAAFI shop on Bastion 1 tomorrow, due home Xmas day but it’ll probb be a couple of days either side. At 23.54 here it was 76 in our air conditioned tent and 99 outside, happy days.

Gonna book my R & R tomorrow for mid October.

Oh and if anyone is Interested I believe we are 60% staffed.

IMO we could really do with some more ex squaddies out here rather than stupid little girls who only hear the words “sun sand and soldiers” then fly home within a week cos they can’t hack it, I want to grab them and tell them they’re a f*cking disgrace, wasting everyones time.

It really brings it home when you are this close and op minimize activate’s, they shut all coms home until next of kin have been informed.

2 years out of work and I couldn’t have got a better job, it’s sad in a way that most of the boys out here putting their life on the line are getting paid a lot less than me.

Will post more soon but i’ll leave you with this…

An American Marine giving us all a lecture on the history of Afghanistan the other day came out with a classic…

Warheads on Foreheads.

well, good luck, take care of yer self and all the best :slight_smile: