RANT: F*cking ebay & PayPal

This has got me so pissed off…

Firstly, be wary of buying from a guy called gixxerwez selling braided hoses…He’s a complete idiot.

I order the hoses on ebay using Buy It Now and send the money using PayPal the same day, 8th December.

I don’t receive or hear from him for a week so I call him up and ask, what’s going on. He says that Goodridge sent him the wrong goods and that he’d have to send them back and then get the new items to ship to me.

Fair enough…So I wait some more.

December, 31st he sends me an email asking what bike the hoses were for This despite all details being contained in the original purchase order generated by PayPal and sent to him.

I’m pissed off at the delay and ask why it’s taking so long and tell him all the original details were included in the PO. He sends me a curt response along the lines of, “I think you’ll find they were not included…Do you still want the hoses”.

I think…Ok…Benefit of the doubt…Maybe I made a mistake.

So I send him a mail saying, “Please send me the hoses for a 2004 Yamaha R1 in blue” on Friday, Jan 5th.

Tuesday, 9th…No response!

I’m fuming…He’s had payment for over a month and this is what I get.

I send him a final notice email to say that I will take further action and send him a jpeg image of the original purchase order highlighting IN RED all the bike details which I’d been arguing with him that I had included.

He still says he didn’t get all the details…Says, “I don’t like your tone” and then sends back my money.


Refund was made but the faceless putrid organisation are keeping it in their coffers to accrue interest before releasing it to me.

This makes me f*cking sick…Not gonna deal with PayPal from now on.

This is the second time I’ve been shafted by them…After some ar*sehole bought a solo seat off me, didn’t like it, damaged it and then claimed it was damaged in the post despite him admitting it was well packaged and packaging was in good condition.

The dispute ended in his favour after 2 months and I lost £80.

Be aware people!

Dude, bad news…but chill. Shouting at computers doesn’t work…believe me, I’m an expert at it, and I’m still uptight…

Yeah you’re right mate…I’ve calmed down and contemplating bike riding tomorrow…And relax

I’m just feelin Zen man, got my new wheels today…
You could have clubbed me to death with a baby seal club and I still would have felt a million bucks…

World peace, anorexia and Gay Rights…I couldn’t give a monkeys I GOT A MOTORBIKE AGAIN!!!

Anyone remember when I first joined this site an I was all like, ooh big community, I love you guys…well hippy stupid stokes is back…you guys make me horny, I love you all…yeah even you Ginger…


Whhheeeeeee…oh and a beer or two.

you nutter!!!

I used to use Paypal but always got skanked with it buying AND selling so I only use bank transfers now - free to use and much less hassle, if someones got something listed that I want and they wont accept a bank transfer theres usually someone that will that has the same thing

Feel for you m8…

Sold some stuff on ebay five months ago, long story short, shipped product to person - couldnt be delivered due to bad address, returned to me, reshipped and in the mean time the w**ker filed a claim against me in PayPal… Now fighting with PayPal to release my account again. GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Well done on the new bike Toby,

I’ve bought off that guy before and didn’t have any trouble… well other than writing the bike off about a month after fitting the hoses I bought off him, but he couldn’t have helped that.

The intermaweb is the best place to sound off - everyone else does! Just be prepared for witless comebacks!

peeBay really gets my goat. It’s basically “caveat emptor” writ large. Yet all my friends get stung as sellers. I had someone break a DVD, theaten to leave poor feedback. For £5, I wouldn’t sully myself. I gave him the money back and told him to leave me poor feedback anyway. And the jackass that tried to non-pay me over a £2 money order for earplugs - I f*cked him over for trying to charge me the paypal fee outside of his auction.

Jerks, I have their addresses now. Petty revenge, it’s fantastic.

Drei, when you use PayPal with a credit card, you waive your rights to claim back money through your credit card company.

Read this website


Toby…I’m really happy for you…Next time I see you, I’ll give you a hug…Erm…A manly one…Cough…Erm…Yeah…What y’all lookin at?

To quote lenny and carl from the simpsons. “What did he say?”, “I dunno, something about being gay?”

Afro sorry to here about you eBay problems.

eBay was great when it came to rebuilding my baby and I still use it now, anywho I JUST ordered goodridge lines for my baby and if you would like to join in on my discount lines party today give send me a PM

Stainless steel racing lines front and rear with the bleed nipple attachment for £94.26


Looking at!?!

The girls are looking at you brother… and mourning the loss of a yet another fine specimen & just guessing the guys are all just looking out for each others backs now…especially Toby’s!

Peace up afro bro.

Oh yeah, I should say for the record…some of my best friends are Gay.

Mate, even when I’m 95 and dribbling into my Horlicks I will NEVER EVER buy a pair of slippers…the idea of waking up one morning and sliding my toes into something warm and Charlie is just too frightening to ever contemplate.

I’m currently the bad boy owner of a slinky little Cream Kwakker
2000 ZX 9R . Oooh boy is she nice.
I’ll be honest, she IS a tractor, but damm if they made tractors like this, everyone’d wanna be a farmer. This tank of an engine that seems to weigh Half of what my Bandit weighed ca drag me along at 65 in second…WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Had similar experience on EBay, it’s not the site, it’s the people that use it, good and bad everywhere I guess. However, companies do take the biscuit as they’ll consider you small fry. I ordered something way before xmas for a present and it still hasn’t turned up, I’ve emailed dozens of times and no reply, I can’t be bothered to chase the amount which came under £10 but that’s not the point. I’ve considered trying to go via Paypal for a refund but is it really worth the hassle, instead, I left a negative reply but i’ll doubt they’ll be bothered.

At the end of the day, you just have to toss a coin and hope the transaction goes well, the sellers profile doesn’t mean much as it was the first thing I used to look at prior to buying.

Some of my best friends and Lesbians…They let me watch