RANT: Cyclists, Bus Lanes etc

Bit of a mixed bag post …

I am a cyclist as well as a motorcyclist so understand their issues in traffic.

Wrote to the London Cyclists Campaign (anti sharing bus lanes) saying I thought motorcyclists would on the whole use common sense and show courtesy when mixing with cyclists in bus lanes.

I asked them what stats they had for motorcylists involved in accidents with cyclists and cars involved in accidents with cyclists - result ignored my email.

As a pedestrian crossing the road on a green man light, cyclists frequently intimidate their way across trying to beat the cars - I usually have a bag to shield me and wont get out of their way.

As a motorcylist and also on foot I often see cyclists jumping red lights with gay abandon - what would they say if they were broadsided - apart from ouch - also they don’t stop to think of how traumatised anyone would be who caused injury to a cyclist in those circumstances nor the emergency services who would have to clean up - if we jumped red lights it would be a fine, imprisonment and then transportation to Australia - worse than that points on the licence.

Ok ok I’ll stop.

And breathe…

I’m all for cyclists, there’s nothing that puts a smile on my face more than a fit female cyclist riding in the spring or summer wearing their nice form fitting gear.I’m a man, blood flows through me and I make no apologies for appreciating something beautiful, now we can get a closer look even! :wink:

Anyway I like bicycles too, especially them single speed road racer ones.


Ummm, Max, that is about the only reason to like cycles… I just take it easy when using buslanes and treat the use of such as a priviledge, which it is.

I have a single speed, love it, thing of beauty

After using the bus lanes a few times over the past weeks i have decided only to go in them when i have no choice, the state of the surface in some of them is so rough you need a crosser!