Rank your winter gloves...

Im still riding around with my Fox Motocross gloves on… so at the moment id rank them as crap, but during summer they’re ace! :smiley:

i use swift sub zero gloves had them for ages thou need to get some new ones but they do the job.

I bought the HG PATHAN EVO 5-FINGERED GLOVES which they also do in the lobster look!, These are the same glove but with 5 fingers!
Had 'em for over a year and fantastic so far.
It’d be 9/10 from me. :slight_smile:

best combo…genuine honda heated grips with baglux muffs (on my Varadero) you can use the same gloves (summer) all year round!!! …sometimes you have to turn the grips down !!! you dont get the same feel with bulky winter gloves ! :slight_smile:

I had some Richa winter gloves…can’t remember the model name but I think they had Carbon in the name…I found them very warm, but not so good for feel. I used to wear my Richa GP gloves most of the time, until it got really cold…I’ve still got the left one somewhere

Which ones did you go for? I don’t want anymore attachments to the bike so have been looking for rechargeable toasty gloves.