Rank your winter gloves...

From what I can gather winter gloves are generally only any good when it’s +5 degrees out there. Rank your winter gloves perfomance in proper winter weather here.

For starters: Held ‘Freezer’ plus Hein Gericke silk inners…a miserable 4 out of 10.:frowning:

i’m still using my richa GP summer gloves with a pair of cotton inners. as my commute is only 7 miles each way i don’t find it to bad only get really cold if i get on the motorway. i find my visor fogging up far more annoying than cold hands.

IXS Falun gloves
On their own - 7/10
With silk inners and HotGrips - 9/10

My hands are toasty warm, with only the very tips of my fingers feeling a little chilly.

I have a 40-mile round-trip on the South Circular/A3, so I don’t know how they’d be at speed on the motorway, though.

Spada wp II : on CBF (heated grips) 9/10
on PS125 (no heated grips) 6/10

both commuting through London for ±50mins

Frank Thomas Winter ‘Anti Freeze’ 4/10. Fine for town, numbing on motorway. 3 hour journey tops.

Gerbings Heated Gloves

10/10 for warmth
7/10 for getting them wired up through jacket and also trailing battery hook- up, has got to be kept clear of engine etc
Made of leather, so waterproof if Nikwaxed
No armour and not much abrasion protection, so 5/10 for that
H.O. based in Kent. Very helpful,when needed stitching repair done :smiley:

Stay safe, all :slight_smile:

I would also have to say Gerbings heated gloves they heat the entire length of your fingers and also the back of your hand i love mine so i would have to say 10/10 :smiley:

TriumphBra - Hi…good morning

Where do you route/secure on your Triumph, your battery hook up cable for your gloves?
Mine comes out of seat just by petrol tank but gets in the way of my leg.:crying:
Any suggestions?

Have a good day

I’d give mine 8/10 - Alpinestars Jet Road Goretex - my finger tips get cold on long motorway runs tho but the rest of my hand is warm/hot, I waterproof’d them myself so they are better than the standard waterproofing which wasnt brilliant & they have a carbon knuckle protection.

Hi there mine have a rechargable 7.4V lithium battery on the back of each glove so i dont have to hook them up directly to the bike battery i ride around 15miles to and from work each day and my hands stay warm :slight_smile:

Spada Contrast WP

with inners 8/10
without inners 5/10

very waterproof, no solid protection but well placed padding and secure fit.

Hi there as with sexybiker i recharge mine so havent used them hooked up to my bike maybe you should try yours this way if its not comfy to have them hooked up when riding :slight_smile:

I have a pair of these, picked them up at the NEC last year, and without doubt are the best winter gloves i have tried, they have a neoprene innner and a leather outer section, and for the first time ever are 100% water proof. the inner goes inside the jacket sleeve while the outer goes outside the sleeve, they have a drain hole on the outer section to stop water pooling around the wrist.No idea who would stock them though.

http://www.eska.at/en/products_ms.php?group=Motorsport&parent=26 Top pair in the link BTW.

Very impressive - do they really have a pair called ‘Shag’ though? :slight_smile:

I have recently bought these & they have been incredibly warm on the ride to work at 4.00 am.

I currently ride a pair of Dainese Sprog Goretex gloves, great feel for a winter glove but only about 5/10 for warmth. As soon as its below 4 degrees you still get cold fingers.


Just tried a pair of Hein Gericke Pathan 3 finger gloves on the same commute, didnt find them really any warmer but most importantly the feel was terrible. straight back to the shop and got a pair of muffs, hate how they look but i dont care for 2 months

Used to have a pair of Racer Balance gloves. They were much better but for some reason the strap kept breaking. went through two pairs in one winter. Would go back to them if they sort the strap problem out


On a normal ride I have alpinestars race gloves, with Hein Gericke cotton inners when the temp drops. When it rains I use Surgical rubbers inside the H/G cottons to keep the heat in and the rain out. I do Tottenham to Wycombe round trip, and this time of year is murder on the fingertips.

7 out of 10 at this time of year, but 10 out of 10 rest of the time

The EXO2 heated gloves are amazing… have tested them in -6 degrees on the motorway… fingers are nice and warm. In the rain, with freezing temperatures, when the visor is steamed up and windchill is giving me chapped lips… fingers are still nice and warm! These gloves are the best biking accessory I have invested in so far.

I have done 1000+ miles with them, yesterday I was riding for 7 hours, mainly on the motorway… fingers have been warm at all times :slight_smile:

Rev’It ZX08 “lightweight semi-textile winter glove”… aha… went to North Yorks last Xmas, it was -2C when we left. I had to stop at Baldock to cry and cradle my poor frozen fingertips lol. I got tough after that, well 'ard. Still bluddy cold tho.

I’ve e-mailed the company asking for stockists in the UK, will report back.