Random trips to france


Has anyone ever ridden to the tunnel fully unbooked just for the hell of it early in the morning and spent the day in France?

What does it cost and is it possible, or do you really need to book it? The more spontaneous the better…



I just turned up in June 2003 and it was no bother getting a ticket - cant remember how much it was but if there was a saving made I would have remembered!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve not done it quite like you say, but I’ve woken up one morning, gone onto the PC and booked a crossing later that morning, whilst eating my toast, then got on the bike and gone to France for the day.

I think it’ll always be a little cheaper if you book in advance, even if it’s only a few hours in advance.

One useful thing to know is that I’ve never been on the crossing I booked onto. I’ve always ended up getting there either one or two crossings before the one I booked on, but since it’s easy to fit extra bikes on the tunnel they have always managed to fit me on straight away and not made me wait for the actual crossing I’d got a reservation for.

Once, coming back from Europe, the weather was so bad that we got to hte tunnel 3 or 4 hours before we were meant to be there. No problems: there was a space for us on the very next crossing.

Have a good trip.

More fun by ferry

I agree - its part of the holiday walking around the shops and having a drink at the bar and watching the waves out of the window. Eurotunnel is just for the ones that need to get there FAST!

Ferry is fun, no doubt (just got back from Caen on the night ferry. Excellent fun).

But for a quick day or weekend, the tunnel is a lot quicker (esp for bikes, as they tend to fit you in ASAP, so there’s no hanging around). Of course, if you don’t want to go to Calais, then the tunnel can mean a long ride round on the other side…

Hmm… now I think about it I don’t have a free weekend for almost a month, so spontaneity is unlikely. Nice to know it’s so straight forward to get a bike on the eurotunnel train though.


i fancy a wee blast :slight_smile:

We do it all the time (as we are only 35/40 mins from the train) not just turn up but book online in the morning. Almost did it this Sunday but had a few of rain so had second thoughts. I think the most we have had to pay on the day was £54 return.

We usually book the early morning train and late night return, it’s a lot cheeper. We did it one time, booking the day before for £18. turn up early for the return and they will always put you on.

Was thinking about organising a run out there in a couple of weeks time.