Random Question

How is the pub crawling in Dublin?

crap i thought

Great, but bloody expensive

On its hands and knees, probably.

Oh, right! Well it’s all non-smoking (1st July approaches, weyhey!) so at least it smells ok, and the Guinness can be fantastic, but you can’t crawl to too many or you will wear out your knees.

I don’t remember

I really enjoyed it - great whisky to try

They have pubs in Ireland?! No way!

Well, being from dear aul’ Dublin town meself I can recommend a boozer or two!

What kind of place are you looking for? There’s a massive range of pubs in Dublin these days, ranging from tiny wee places with old fellas in cloth caps with their pints of Guinness to enormous gastro-pubs which serve every beer under the sun.

Do you have any idea where you’ll be staying? That might help me narrow the search down a bit!

Be prepared to spend some dosh though, the way the Irish economy has exploded in recent years means Dublin is an expensive place to eat and drink. Having said that though, it still has a certain buzz about it that you just don’t get anywhere else.

Don’t have the tickets yet, September is when I’m going. So I will post up where I’ll be.