Rally For Charity

Annual charity sporting motorcycle rally event establishedand co-chaired by Levan Vasadze and Lord Gillford, sponsoring thefollowing charities Saphekhurebi, Julias House, and The Duke ofEdinburghs Award International Foundation.URL: http://www.london2tbilisi.com Event date: August 15-September 4Event Route: London; Tbilisi – Astana:)

The Rally London to Tbilisi is an annual charity sporting event established and co-chaired by Levan Vasadze and Lord Gillford, sponsoring the following charities Saphekhurebi, The Shooting Star Childrens Hospice, and SOS Kazakhstan Childrens Orphanage. Its central goal is to help the charities in their work and to provide rally riders with a unique travel experience. The rally encompasses a demanding and an adventureous jurney across Europe traditionally ending on its edge in Tbilisi at Bagrationi 1882, a beautiful sparkling wine factory in Tbilisi, with a big reception and celebration, with the riders loved ones flying in to see the riders finish and joining them on a romantic evening in Tbilisi.

Departure from London - Sat 15 August 2009
Arrive to Tbilisi - Tue 23 August 2009
Arrive to Astana - Fri 4 September 2009

Rally Route
London-Paris-Geneve-Venecia-Dubrovnik-Istanbul-Tbilisi-Baku- Turkmenbashi- Samarkand- Tashkent- Tajikistan- Almaty -Astana

The Cost of registering with the rally is 500 pounds (to cover the rally`s admin costs). To participate in the rally, go to page - http://london2tbilisi.com/?p=MjY= and complete registration form…