Rain X

Daft question to ask I know when the sun is beating down and a glorious weekend predicted :smiley:

Rain X? Good to use on your visor or not? My car had a treatment added to its windscreen when I had it serviced recently and I must say I’ve been pretty impressed by the way the water beads off so it got me thinking if there’s anything out there that does the same thing for your visor. Obviously I’m not going to slap this stuff on only for my visor to melt so I thought I’d ask you experts out there for advice. :slight_smile:

Extra throttle, and a slight turn of the head! lol


thats my method too Alex

Mel has used rainX on her visor and it hasn’t melted yet …i’m not sure wether it’s the same as the car one or they do a specific visor version

I’ve used it on mine aswell without any probs - also polished it up with Mr Sheen a few times, done the same job & the visor is still ok, hasnt shattered or gone brittle like people say they do.

Used it for a long time now…always good.

Used this stuff from Nikwax all through the winter:


Works perfect and is Visor specific.


The one i’ve used is called visorproof, only used it the once or twice but not enough use to make anything react badly…yet!

I just use my ‘Mer’ car wax. Does the same as Rain X I used to buy :wink:

Don’t waste time/money on Holts “Anti-mist and water repellant - specially formualted for visors” because it is cr@p.

I use rain-X works fine for me, but go faster is the cheaper option :smiley:

+1 for Nikwax Visorproof. Does need frequent re-application though.

Hltz is terrible as siad. I use Mr Sheen on my visor - works wel land costs bugger all! I use Halford’s cheaper but jsut as good version of Rain-X on the car windows and the mirrors and lights on the bike.