Rain, Mud and the Czech

Been awhile since i last checked in so here i am again…

Back from a month stuck in the middle of nowhere where we was teased with 2 days of sun then it was cold, cloudy and lots of rain for the rest of our time there.

Had some laughs and got to work my boys. Glad to be back to civilization now though. Still missing the bike but i got a weeks leave coming up soon to try get as much as, if not all, the work done that i want to do to it then get her back on the road and causing havoc.

Its pure sunshine out here and im missing out on it, atleast its good for getting out on the polo pitch with the horses.

I’ll stick up some pics from the months festivities at a later date :cool:

does it bother you being away so much when it’s like this?

And what bike do you run?

some reasons he misses his bike:w00t:





Can’t imagine why…