RAF Benson Airfield Riding Day (ARD)

Hi all,

This is a a quick thread let you know about RAF Benson’s Airfield Riding Day (ARD) happening on the 17th september 11.

RAF Benson opens its doors annually to the public for riders to hone their skills around the airfield track in a safe environment.

We have everything you would expect from a trackday including; suspension and tyre advice, 1-2-1 instruction, full medical, fire and bike recovery and of course hot and cold food and drinks served all day, all to the tune of £70 all in for this brilliant day!

The Track is a left handed 3mile circuit with a 0.8mile straight down the main runway to ‘open it up’!

(have a look on utube for video footage)

Any questions please ask.

PM me or leave your email so i can Forward you Application and indemnity form’s for you to fill out and get back to me!

thanks all


sounds good i’ve rode around Benson before but not on the runway:D i may be up for this will know closer to the time is there any limit for application times/amount of riders?


the (insurance) limit is 140 riders over 3 groups. novice, inters. and exp.

ideally the cut off will be the week before so i can process the applications, but i will keep posted on how many spaces are left and if there are spaces left on the 17th, then i guess pay on the day, but i cant promise spaces! so to avoid disappointment…get 'em in!



RAF Benson : LINK

HTH :slight_smile:

RAF Benson
OX10 6AA

Further info on this link, cheers - BF !


Hmm any spaces left in the novice group? Its same day as a Lydden one so ill be doing one or the other

yep, loads of spaces left in the novice group!

Dont forget there is 1-2-1 instruction available and everything you would expect from professionally run track day!!
(if that could temp you!!)

all for £70!!


How did this event go??


My fifth year in a row and always the same quality.

Well organised, loads of track time, well priced refreshments (all going to a good cause), real friendly atmosphere.

Even the rain this year (first time) didn’t put a downer on it.
Actually made it easier for me, being one of only 2(?) Supermoto’s…they were my best sessions…:smiley:

Only slight negative would be the lack of any professional photographers, they only managed 2007/8.

Always good to have some ‘proof’ for the kids…:wink:

I wish I had seen this before, would have been great.

I lived at RAF Benson for 4 years while my dad was stationed there, great place and the airstrips look so much fun thinking back on it

Bugger, missed this again

my sixth or seventh time at Benson Rider Skills Day, a great day out with near top speed of gixxer 750 k7 on runway section. Took a mate with me who had never ridden on track and said it was the best day ever! the day was safe and very well organised ( were talking RAF ) and a big thanks to cpl J Nolan who done a great job. even saw a chopper take off! a merlin i think.

look out for this event next year

Hi there. How do I sign up for this please?

First you need to acquire a time machine. Having done so, set it to 2011…


Sept 18 2021