Rack for my SV

I need to get a rack & box for the SV (K9) but can only seem to find renntec ones…

Anyone know a good place/site to have a look at them?

weld your own one!

Givi do some

SV 1000: http://www.motorcycleplanet.co.uk/products/c203-suzuki-sv-1000-s-03-08/

SV 650: http://www.motorcycleplanet.co.uk/products/c196-suzuki-sv-650-s-03-08/

But same model for both: GIVI 529FZ

This then takes a standard Givi M5 monokey plate (the better one that can take more wieght) or the M5M monolock (not so good one).

Arms - £61, Plate: £30-35.

Then just get any old Givi Monokey top box that’s going cheap on ebay and is local. Or buy a new one for around £200+

I’m in the process of converting one to fit my GSXR I got it off fleabay for £15

cheers afra… didn’t look directly on their site but saw the “arms” on ebay… didn’t realize it was all separates for the Givi. think I’ll go with that as opposed to renntec

Yep, only the arms are bike specific. The plates and boxes are all interchangeable, just stick to the Monokey ones. Double check arms/plates on ebay, ensure they’ve got all the bolts/spacers etc you need. Most are usually standard M8 bolts, but it can be a faff if you haven’t got them all handy. The sites above link to a fitting instructions pdf, which shows you which bolts the kits come with and you need. Note the arms may have fittings for both the 650 and 1000, with some not needed for other. 

When you fit it, douse it all in AC50 as you go, the arms and fittings tend to start picking up rust after a couples years.

Don’t be tempted to attach a top box plate to the pillion seat. It’s not a good solution. When I did that it was really unstable and the seat warped because it couldn’t flex properly with the plate mounted to it.

Top Box wise the Givi e52 Maxia is the absolute business. It can take two helmets or a huge amount of luggage and is totally waterproof. Have a look on ebay although they do hold their value really well if they are in good condition. Monokey top boxes can be locked in place or attach and detach in seconds so you can carry them with you into work or wherever.

SW Motech also do racks for panniers that you can fit Givi boxes onto, even if Givi themselves don’t. Givi boxes are superb though

cheers for all the advise guys. Glad I asked… 

Afra, do you know if I have to cut into the pastics at all for the one you linked?

You shouldn’t have to cut into your plastics for a rack

thought so wanted to check, the instructions online were not clear…

If they say you do there poorly designed and look else where

I sometimes see an SV on my way to work with a rack+box actually mounted where the pillion seat is, not fitted to the seat, similar to the attached pic. Seems like an ok solution if you don’t need to carry a pillion too, I think it might be an official Suzuki part.



that’s bloody neat!

I like the idea

OK so now another dilema (who’d have thought)… 

I spoke to the people Afra listed as mine is an 09 SK9 and asked if it would fit, they said call a Suzuki Dealer which I did and asked if there was any difference in the tail shape between the 08 & 09 who didn’t/couldn’t answer the question…

So does anyone know the answer to that?

According to Suzuki intereebby no there isn’t K8& 9 the same except colour differences 

being the scientific nimwit I am, I’ve used the tried and tested method of putting 2 photo’s next to each other… looks ok, but who knows!!! lol