racing at brands this weekend

so can you just turn up and watch? do you have to pay entrance or any of that gubbins? and where abouts can you go? are you restricted to spectating from the stands?

if anyone’s racing from here (think a couple of you are?) is it a good idea to let people know what number/colour bike & lid you’ve got so’s we can keep an eye out for ya?

im going this sat with abbeyj? i havent been Brands in a while to be honest…we are supposed to be meeting someone whos racing over the weekend. Im looking forward to going and if we dont get our comp tickets left for us we will pay at the entrance anyway…:slight_smile:

Its £10 to get in for the weekend I believe.

hi adrock. for the entry fee (10 or maybe 15 i think but no more) you can go everywhere including the paddock, grandstands and in field (gp paddock). If you go i’m number 43 on a white and black r6 in Pirelli-Metzeler MRO Stocksport 600 (what a mouthful lol).

Sunday timetable - Warmup starts at 10am. Racing starts at 11.30 ish. Lots of classes racing all day so plenty to see.

Feel free to come and say hi in the paddock. I’ll be on the far side of the sea of bikes near the resteraunt and the kettle is always on :slight_smile:

i look like this…

I’ll be there sunday for a short while…

Ohhh looks like it will be the first time we get to use our “residents passes” I’m on nights so i’ll try to get along but I’m sure the other half will be there. Abbeyj call me when your there :slight_smile:

worryingly seb you look like me but with hair :w00t: familiar with your bike as i watched you do a few laps of brands indy last saturday. and if that was you breaking yerself back in gently it’ll be an interesting weekend for ya i’m sure :wink: sounds good fella. always up for a cuppa and be good to have a chin wag. all the best for the weekend and i’ll keep em peeled…

cheers guys. if anyone else is down there be good to say hi. i’ve got black arlenness leathers and a silver hornet

choice of champions :D:cool:

yeah so i hear :wink: dunno if i’m doing much to uphold that tho :hehe:

hopefully see you at the weekend mate :smiley:

Hello babes !!! long time no see or hear from!! me,kim (abbeyj) and jackie(trisckie) will be there from about 9am on Sat? ive gotta see M9 sunday (hopefully, if hes able to) then prob pop into the Ace…so cant go sunday?..but hope to talk to u either via phone call or see you yeh?..

As for you other guys? will look out for you…not sure if us girlies are coming up by bike, think Jackies bringing us in by car…but im looking forward to seeing Gaby (no79) and the others…:slight_smile:

better get the wets and condom suits out:


the bbc are inconsistent foccers. i saw the weather this morning on the breakfast news and they said sun saturday and rain sunday. let’s face it they couldn’t predict a…{insert amusing phrase here}.

well i’d hoped to see the racing but i’m going to a neil young gig that evening and that coupled with rain may keep me at home. if it’s nice saturday i’ll still go down and watch the practicing(?) mind

practice and qualifying (depending on series) will be in the morning. racing starts afterwards (11am onwards, as long as there are no big issues in practice).

ta! :slight_smile: hope you all have a good weekend :cool:

bbc london evening news now say sun on sunday, 7 degrees :Whistling: