Racefit Slashcut K5 1000 exhaust

Racefit have been busy developing a completely outragous exhaust to compliment their range. There’s a new slash-cut model, much like the one they have for the ZX10R, for the K5 1000 now. We’re hoping to get a review item here at LB soon. I’m not sure what use it could be for, it WOULD get you in trouble with your neighbours at the very minimum, and most likely with the law. On the upside, it doesn’t have a ‘not for road use’ stamp on it, so you won’t get busted STRAIGHT away… Completely bonkers


This is what they say about it:

Racefit - GP inspired slip-on exhausts.
All parts in the exhaust are top quality titanium - inside & out. The cans are hand made in the UK.

The Slash cut Racefit is a slip on exhaust. No modifications required to standard headers. The can secures on standard mounting point on base of frame.

It is not road legal.

The can is in a very early development stage. We do not know DB for the noise of the can. It will be as loud as running the bike without an exhaust, as the Slash cut has no packing at all - it is basically slash cut!

hmmm im not sure. I like yours Jay, that looks quality, but something like thats gonna be really loud. I mean, very.

Plus wont flames come out when its gassing on? That short a pipe?

Hang on, I take it back. I may order one!!! Flames!!!

It would me stupidly loud, completely bonkers like a GP bike. No doubt too loud for trackdays, and most likely going to get you some fines in town. I still want to have one though for those odd times when I’d feel brave enough, hehe.

Stick with yours Jay! It looks better and probably sounds better too as any louder will be annoying

Personally, I dont like the look of it, looks cheap and tacky. The one you already have appears to be a far better looking piece of kit and personally, I would stick with it.

That would be REALLY loud. Probably just do your head in.

Why not just take an angle grinder to your exisiting pipework, looks like you could get the same results for not a lot of cash!!

That alot of money for what looks like 12inch’s of pipe.

IF your not worried fins a band saw and rip through the standard pipe same result for no cost.

It’s going to get you in trouble but the flames would look mad specially on down shifts.