Racefit 'Mega' Baffle

£48 delivered from Speedycom (no online payment, weird, though quick delivery), a sure-fired way of quietening down the Racefit, apparently. It has no wadding, so I presume it reduces the noise by cutting down the amount of internal metal meshing that is exposed to the atmosphere.

It’s made out of Titanium and weighs next to nothing. The welding is incredibly good. I have no idea if I’ll need to adjust my fueling map, but it’s no big deal to do with a Windows laptop and a usb cable.

I bought it as I’m only JUST under the noise limit of 105db for most trackdays and don’t want any hassle on the day of our next one at Brands Hatch on the 1st Oct.



Jay had one of them on my Mega on the K750 before it was stolen, really quitened it down, Got one on the Growler now. I know its only a baffle but the quality is great


Plug a laptop into the power-commander with a USB-Mini cable, run the Dynojet software and tweak the map for more or less fuel/air mix.

Got one in my Growler on the K7 thou - came in at 106db at Brands trackday (limit 102db) but they let me thru :slight_smile:

Only prob I had was the rivet came loose, so the baffle rattled although didn’t come out of can

Drimmelled the rivet off and replaced with nut n bolt :slight_smile: