Race leathers, speedbumps, yes or no?

What do you think, im ordering some race leathers, do you think i should have a speed hump added?

I thought about that when I was getting new leathers. It doesnt really “serve a purpose” when normal road riding, so really is just for the look. You cant carry a backpack either (I dont think), but if you have another set of leathers this doesnt really matter, just wear those instead.

I went for the no hump option.

ah yes, no back pack, forgot about that.

Its my first set, ive got a mix n match at the mo, got a leather Honda jacket but im riding a gsxr now, so I dont wear it, and my textile jacket is a bit too hot for this weather.

If its your only set that you wear, I’d go with the no hump option mate. Get the posing hump on the second set.

According to medical research, the hump is not a good idea, it can cause neck injuries. I know Doctor Costa from Moto GP is against them. The top riders however, do use them, many contain fluid so that they can have a bit of refreshment on the way round.

Can’t you get removeable humps?

…we sound like a bunch of camels, LOL


Aye you can… strap on’s!

I’ve seen Nicky Hayden supping from his hump

Isn’t there someone in one of the racing series using an adapted HANS device for bikes?

wow, I can fill mines with beer!

ive decided to go without the speedhump

Some one posed this question re Humps on the PB forum, and the reply from a Dr was no not good under normal circuimstances ie the road

If I’m going pillion I quite like the fella in front having a hump so I can fill it with strawberry bonbons

Not very practical but very sexy imho.

depends on the size of the hump i get a back pack on my a’stars one peice fine and it has a small hump.

Saves you wearing a hoody…

My jacket has a hump … only a little one mind. Tis was the jacket that I liked best when I was jacket buying and even though I didn’t want a hump it had one - only reason I’ve got it !